Welcome to my frontier

I am not the Pioneer Woman nor will I try to be. She is awesome and their ranch is gorgeous but all ranches are not like the Drummond Ranch. We don’t have a fancy truck to check cows in, nor do we have a lodge to cook dinner in. We we do have the same love for the land and Gods cattle as they do.

Ranching is not for the faint of heart aka “The sissy”. It is hard work, long hours, no AC or Heating but it is so rewarding. We get to spend a lot of family time working cattle, pulling weeds, planting a crop or hauling cows to a new pasture. We love what we do and are blessed to have the life we have.

I am new to blogging so be patience and watch me bloom.


Olivia at the vet with a calf with a hurt hoof.
Romagnola Bull “The Duke” – I included this photo because the pioneer woman never has cow photos with poop on them but that is the reality… they get it every where. So my post will be real life and not edited for book or TV publication.

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