Blind yet she see’s

IMG_5740 (1)Meet Bessie- She is a Hereford Cow that is completely blind. We she came to the ranch she had both of her eyes but unfortunately she developed eye cancer and had to have her eyes removed. I am continually amazed at this cow’s ability to care for her calf. Year after year she is a great  momma. God has taken care to give her other sense that she can use to find her way around a pasture, to water and to care for her calf. Blind yet she see all she needs to take care of her calf.

Bessie is not our cow but we look after her and her calves and see to it that she is breed each year for the Daniels Ranch.

I love the markings on her calf this year. Just a beautiful pair. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to watch your handy work each day.

We are blessed to be able to ranch….

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