Mini Pearl Welcome to the Ranch

Christmas 2017 our ranch elf, Sparkles delivered a new shorty jack to our home. The box was wrapped in butcher paper and tulle and driven by a Barbie in a convertible Barbie car. Inside the box was Mini Pearl a beautiful shorty jack from Cow Country Shorty Jacks in Throckmorton, TX. She has beautiful brown and white markings, cute ears and an all go personality. She is currently about 4” tall and 7 lbs. but she should mature around 10 lbs. and 8.5’ tall. Peanut is looking forward to getting to know her much better in the years to come. For now, she is adjusting well to our life and work schedule.

Puppies in 2020

If you need a puppy now check:

Youtube or Not to Youtube


We are considering starting a youtube channel for people to see what it looks like to grow up as a Ranch/Farm Kid. Not everyone gets the opportunity to see the things that we see on a daily basis. Youtube Channels are booming with kids watching other kids do things they can’t so Olivia said other kids would want to be able to see the cool things she get’s to see and do. This Momma is charged with learning how to video and edit in a short amount of time because there is work to be done. Come join the ride and let me know what you think about this idea.

Welcome Cupcake

Welcome to the ranch Cupcake. Olivia was so surprised when we could locate a Shorty Jack so quickly after the accident with Patches. Cupcake came from Mayo’s Meadow Jack Russell Terriers in Thornton, TX and is 11 weeks old. We think she is simply adorable.

Peanut is adjusting to her slowly but he seems happier to have a friend again. Olivia was not the only sad around the ranch after Patches was gone.

It will be a few years before we will have puppies but we do hope to have Peanut puppies in the future.

Jack Russell dogs are apart of our family and daily life here at the ranch. They bring us so much JOY.  A gift from GOD for sure.

If you’re looking for a shorty soon please check with our friend Tina Whitefield from Throckmorton, TX as she has many litters each year.

Or Mayo Meadows has several litters each year.

A Piece of my heart


August 16, 2017 Patches was involved in an accident and is not longer with us. It broke our hearts but even more the heart of our daughter, Olivia. Patches was a gift from Joe to Olivia just after we were married and her sleeping partner, playmate and a great cowhand. We will miss you forever but I know you are chasing cows in the heavens.

My boots runneth over….


I can not tell you how much joy these two pair of boots bring me. Since I was a very young lady I had wished for another child. I was not able to have anymore children after my first child was born so adoption was my only option. Once I was in a place where I could afford to adopt my age was an issue for the young mothers. HOWEVER God had another plan (doesn’t He always). When sweet Olivia came into my life she was just 5 months old and I was caring for my late husband who was on hospice and planning for his move to Heaven. Once he was moved to Heaven I was a single Mother again. I cried out to the LORD please, please, I don’t want to do this alone again. Just after Olivia turned 2 years old Joe Godsey came into our lives. He was a bachelor and had been praying for a wife and child for years… time had caught up with him too and he has long since let the dream of a child fade with the setting sun. God is bigger than our dream! He had a plan all along and he joined together to soul with the same desires. When I was a child my granny use to say ” MY cup runneth over ” when she would hugs me in her arms and tell me how much she loved me.. so I thought it was fitting to say… “MY boots runneth over”

So dream big because HIS plans for you are bigger than your dreams!

1 Samuel 1:27

For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him: … 28″So I have also dedicated her to the LORD.

Won her first pair of spurs


3 years old and Olivia won her first pair of custom spurs. She participated in the Muttin Busting event at the Benjamin Ranch Rodeo 2016, Benjamin, TX. She did great! Those adorable little puffs in her hair stayed in place while the fringe on her shirt bounces around like she did. She took a hoof to the belly that scared her and during the awards ceremony she could not stop crying but the young cowboys next to her tried to calm her down but she was not having it. She wanted Mommy not a photo or a pair of spurs.

I came across this photo this weekend and just wanted to update everyone. She rode again in 2017 and loved every minute of it and had no tears this year.

Olivia we love you love your go gett’m spirit all the while dressed in pink, fringe or a tutu. You are the best blend of your Cowboy Daddy and your Fufu Momma.

Blind yet she see’s

IMG_5740 (1)Meet Bessie- She is a Hereford Cow that is completely blind. We she came to the ranch she had both of her eyes but unfortunately she developed eye cancer and had to have her eyes removed. I am continually amazed at this cow’s ability to care for her calf. Year after year she is a great  momma. God has taken care to give her other sense that she can use to find her way around a pasture, to water and to care for her calf. Blind yet she see all she needs to take care of her calf.

Bessie is not our cow but we look after her and her calves and see to it that she is breed each year for the Daniels Ranch.

I love the markings on her calf this year. Just a beautiful pair. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to watch your handy work each day.

We are blessed to be able to ranch….